emil-ee j (xmomerathx) wrote in natures,
emil-ee j

Ten ways you know that Martha Stewart has been in your barnyard

10.There is a potpourri pomander hanging from each halter.
9.The Horses hooves have been cut with pinking shears.
8.The horse treats are all stored in McCoy crocks.
7.The manure fork has been decorated with raffia.
6.The tell tale lemon slice in each new water bucket.
5.You find carrot and apple treats stamped with copper cookie cutters and decorated with royal icing using #2 rossette tip.
4.Mane and tail hair has been collected and and put into wire baskets for nesting material for the birds.
3.A seasonally appropriate grapevine wreath adorns the front of each stall.
2.Your horse goes outside naked and comes in wearing a Thyme colored virgin wool hand knitted blanket with matching leg wraps.
1.The manure pile has been sculpted into swans.
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