jinx yomeacoke (briliantblew) wrote in natures,
jinx yomeacoke

Something is fucked up with my account...

I've been getting complaints from members about all the god shit posted on here... I just can't see it on the natures page... maybe it's on the Natures friends page?

Anyway... The point is, NO FUCKING GOD SHIT IS ALLOWED IN THIS JOURNAL. I'm sorry If I've offended anyone, but my horse can take a shit on baby jesus for all I care. I created this journal to talk about horses, not jesus... it's cool if you like god and all that shit, but as long as you don't post about him in this journal, then cool.

so all in all.... any religious posts are out. by religious i mean i don't give a fuck what religion it is, i don't want it here.

If the religious shit continues, then I'm removing the perpetrators... even if it's my best friend (emily: no god shit please, i mean I know you're having a torrid love affair with him, but we can gossip later)!
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