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Lining up together

Aragorn (rides to the black gate) and Breggo (though he doesnt really ride breggo to the black gate- lauren was set on having Monty be breggo :) )

The Witch King rides with sword drawn...
(Her horse isn't really black, he's actually chestnut- we painted him for the show)

I didn't know Aragorn and Eomer were twins!!
(Heather on Finney as Eomer, Lauren on Monty as Aragorn)

The Witch King sure likes to intimidate pedestrians...

lined up again, from left to right...
Nicole and Bonfire as Faramir (ranger), Kay on Dodger as Witch King, Heather on Finney as Eomer and Firefoot, Me on Aris as Merry and Stybba (he was very patient with the browband that kept slipping over his eye), Lauren on Monty as Aragorn and Breggo (black gate), and Chelsea on Lahna as Arwen...
(The under age girls all had to wear helmets.... phooo)

Me and Aris. It sucks you can't see the detail on my shield.

Me with a dent in my "leather"... Oh well.. fun foam can only do so much- especially when you're in a saddle that's over 100 years old..

Close up of Heather's Helmet and ramshakle spear...

Witch King detail... she was damned scary.

Lauren on Monty... I really liked making her costume. Maybe the most (because it was easier than eomers! hah)

Slightly blurry photo of me and aris... he was so patient with the whole thing, I couldn't have asked for more from him (except an arching neck and prancing floaty trot around the arena as the audience oogled at us hahaha jk)

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