jinx yomeacoke (briliantblew) wrote in natures,
jinx yomeacoke

this is excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, I am in the same position as your owner. 50
something unfit female riding a green broke hot TB

I too have struggled with body/balance issues. One of
the first epiphanies I had was when I finally
understood what a soft hand was. For months I worked
while riding on soft hands, but it wasn't until I
practised holding the steering wheel of my car betwwen
thumbs and forefinger and made sure that I lifted my
arms so that there was almost an upward force on my
fingers that I stopped pulling back on my horses face.

Then I decided to play another game. Every so often I
put my hands in the riding position and gently touch
the edge of a table with the knuckles. I got so that
I could do the Twist
and shimmy around without losing that fragile
connection with the the edge of the table. Next I
did it holding my hands 1/2 inch away from the edge.
That really taught me about soft elbows and where my
hand actually was in relation to what my body was

Another thing that helped my catching reflexes (for
body balance) was to stand on one foot while doing
something else. Things like brushing my teeth,
loading the dishwasher
stirring pots, even that old stand by patting your
head and rubbing your stomach at the same time help
the brain to coordinate the body.

I am working still on maintaining body alignment
inspite of what my horse does and maintaining rein
length as well as leg position.

Anyway I give permission for anyone to ROTFL but it
has worked for me
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