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i found this in a forum, i thought it was good

If you ride a horse at the walk, your right seatbone will come up as the right hindleg is "passing the 6" (if you think of the anticlockwise "circle" that the hindfoot describes); in other words, it's on the ground and thrusts upward and forward. The left seatbone comes up if the left hindleg thrusts. There is usually quite a bit of swing in the horse's hips when walking downhill; probably more than on the flat because the horse would need to angle / flex his joints in the hind quite a bit to compensate for the slope and most ordinary horses might not have learnt that yet (I have never ridden a well trained classical Grand Prix horse downhill but I suspect there would be less swing in the hips and more tuck in under of the legs??). The amount of swing on the flat varies from horse to horse and the amount of ... engagement / thrust (upward/forward?) / activation of belly muscles and back (sorry, I don't know which one).

When riding well, you are looking for a marching walk, not a sloppy stroll. I read somewhere about "energisches Abfussen", German for "hindleg leaving the ground energetically" (is there a better term?) which is exactly what happens when you are marching.

Self test:
1. Walk like a supermodel and swing your hips
2. March like a soldier and activate your core muscles (the collected type, not the extended striding type; think of musical kur); can you feel how the toes, ankles, knees and back are working? It feels a bit like a stick bobbing up and down inside me but not much hip swing.
3. Walk like a supermodel but activate your core muscles at the same time. It feels to me like something slows something else down and it becomes awkward.

To refine my question: is a lot of swing in the hips of the horse and a lot of "lateral slope" in my seatbones (which usually makes me collapse in my waist) an indication for the horse not using his belly muscles? Classical riding always talks about the swinging back, not the swinging hips. Can somebody shed light on this because now I am totally confused.
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